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Arrest Made in Assassination Attempt on General’s Life: White Hats Close in on Suspects

White Hats have arrested a "suspect" connected to last month's assassination attempt on General Eric M. Smith's life, sources told Real Raw News.

However, their reticence on investigatory details seems to suggest the case is still open, and they may be pursuing additional persons of interest. Sources would neither confirm nor deny that assumption.

Here is what we know:

On Tuesday, December 5, undercover Marines cornered 47-year-old Ronald Dahl, a former Central Intelligence agent, outside a hotel in Rutland, Vermont. Dahl and one Marine were wounded-- non-life-threatening injuries-- in a brief shootout after Dahl tried scaling a fence to evade capture. He had lost his balance, fallen, and tugged a pistol from an ankle holster, firing one round before he took a bullet to his shooting arm and dropped the weapon. Dahl's shot hit the Marine's leg but missed major arteries.

As the Marines closed the distance on Dahl, he tried suicide with a ballpoint pen that had a hollow needle where the penpoint would typically be. When he depressed the clicker, the poison failed to inject.

The Marines bandaged Dahl's arm and took him into custody for interrogation.

"Unfortunately, we're not at liberty to disclose details about the interrogation process at this time," a source stated in response to RRN's questions.

According to him, the White Hats commenced their investigation into the assault on Gen. Smith immediately after it occurred. He acknowledged that that they had located the exact location where the assailant was positioned when they used a heart attack gun to target the general. He mentioned discovering "evidence" but declined to provide further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

Efforts to extract solid information-- Were any DNA discovered? Did Dahl make a mistake and unintentionally leave behind a hint?-- proved to be unsuccessful.

"Will share more when I can," is all our source said on that matter.

In closing, we asked if Gen. Smith plans to confront Dahl personally.

"The general is letting the investigation run its course. I imagine if Gen. Smith and Dahl got in a room together, only one guy would come out alive. And it wouldn't be Dahl."

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