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Are Globalist Elites Really Becoming Gods? Unveiling Their Messiah Complex and Ambitions

Well, folks, it appears that the globalist elite has taken a break from their busy schedules of world domination to dabble in a bit of deity crafting. Who needs hobbies like stamp collecting or knitting when you can just transcend the mortal realm, right? So, while the rest of us ponder the profound questions of existence, these elites are out there trying on their divine robes. Move over, Mount Olympus – it's time for the penthouses of power to take center stage. But hey, don't worry, they've generously left us mere mortals some breadcrumbs of wisdom, like a DIY guide on how to give up free will and embrace our inner "hackable animals." So, as you embark on your journey to godhood, remember to pack your sense of humor – after all, we wouldn't want the globalist gods to think we're taking their cosmic escapades too seriously! Stay woke, stay human, and maybe, just maybe, we'll catch you in the next realm – or at least in the comments section.

In a startling revelation, an insider from the World Economic Forum (WEF) has pronounced that the globalist elite is on a trajectory to ascend to god-like status. Any attempt to disrupt this transformation is poised to trigger significant repercussions.

Unveiling the God Aspirations of Globalist Elite

According to these globalists, the sole impediment to their godly aspirations is the act of eliminating them. However, this endeavor comes with a sinister caveat – before you even contemplate such an action, they will have already orchestrated your demise.

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The Audacious Declaration and Imperviousness to Disputation

This recent pronouncement stands as the boldest and most ominous warning issued by the WEF to date. It unequivocally dispels any room for manipulation by mainstream media or the deflections of fact-checkers. The message is unequivocal: the globalist elite harbor messiah complexes, unwaveringly driven to seize the mantle of divinity.

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The Dawn of a New World Religion

As delineated by the WEF, a novel global religion has emerged, uniting humanity in reverence for climate science, techno-communism, and eugenics.

Defiance and the Consequences

According to an insider within the WEF, should you hold any aversion to the globalist elite's agenda, an alternative exists – self-euthanization. A close analysis reveals his unequivocal assertion that they are destined for godhood, leaving no margin for opposition.

Resisting the Inevitable

The dire forecast of resistance encapsulates a grim certainty: those who oppose will meet their demise.

Harbingers of Chilling Parallels

This ominous speech echoes the admonitions recently espoused by Noah Yuval Harari, the right-hand man of Klaus Schwab. Harari similarly denigrates the masses, casting them as futile and despondent, foretelling a future devoid of promise within the ambit of the WEF's Agenda 2030.

Schwab's Declaration of War

Klaus Schwab's WEF has unflinchingly waged a war against Christianity and other prevailing faiths. In their reckoning, the realm can only harbor a single savior, relegating Jesus Christ to historical oblivion.

A Disputed Divinity

The WEF negates the veracity of Jesus Christ, heralding God's demise, and contesting the existence of the human soul. Humanity, per their perspective, assumes the role of a "hackable animal" with predetermined destinies and bereft of free will.

The Stealthy Machinations

Over decades, the World Economic Forum has surreptitiously infiltrated democratically elected governments, wielding disproportionate influence from Schwab's hideaway in Davos.

Arrogance Unveiled

These once-covert autocrats have now grown brazen, reveling in their accomplishments. They have emerged from the shadows, relinquishing their puppeteer status.

The Prophecy of Transformation

Schwab envisages his mission as shaping the world's "transformation," effecting cellular-level changes through genetic editing, irrespective of dissent.

Madness and the Pursuit of Godhood

Bill Gates emerges as a prime exponent of this god-like pursuit. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. previously cautioned against Gates' psychopathic tendencies.

A Global Social and Medical Experiment

Kennedy Jr. discerns a sinister experiment conducted by the World Health Organization, influenced by Gates' vision. Gates seeks to ascend as humanity's savior, leveraging technology and biotechnology.

Soros: A Self-Proclaimed Creator

George Soros, a long-standing globalist figure, claims to be "the creator of everything." Yet, his self-absorption is coupled with a warning that standard rules do not apply to him.

Reclaiming Control

In the midst of this burgeoning insanity, the onus falls upon us to reclaim control before it's too late.

A Manic Descent into Godhood

Soros recounts his youthful ambitions of godhood, acknowledging a transformation into living out these fantasies.

A Radical Shift in Regime

Soros' allusion to "regime change" aligns with the advent of the New World Order.

A Globalist's Utopia and Its Deceitful Veneer

The globalist elite has designated this era for the establishment of the long-touted New World Order. However, public awareness is mounting, illustrated by wanted posters across Europe, demanding the apprehension of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, and other globalist leaders for their alleged "crimes against humanity."

The Ongoing Struggle

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